We’re back (but, really, we never left…)

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No excuses. No apologies. No nonsense. We’ve been busy…really busy. The good news is that what we’ve been busy with is Monster Scenes. We’ve undertaken some endeavors that commanded so much attention, time, and investment. The good news, though, is that we’re coming out of the tunnel now and hope you’ll be excited about what we have to share.

About the Animal Pit and the Dungeon — they’re still a “go” (albeit a slow go). Truly, we never anticipated the troubles we’d encounter after having acquired the original beryllium copper molds that Ferriot Brothers tooled for Aurora back in 1972. It seemed it would be an easy effort; secure the molds, make a few adjustments, and start shooting them full of styrene. Wrong! The history of these “lost” kits has continued on and yet we haven’t given up…and we don’t plan to. Andy Yanchus, original Aurora Project Manager behind Monster Scenes, knew these two complicated kits were going to be a challenge some four-plus decades ago, and he was right.

Speaking of Andy Yanchus, there’s exciting news to share regarding a new book that tells the complete history of Monster Scenes. It’s a co-authorship between him and me, Dennis Prince (current Monster Scenes guy), and it has exceeded our expectations. We’ll post more information soon, telling you more about it and how you can get a copy. We’ll both be at Wonderfest 2014 this year (May 31 – June 1) and hope to see you there. We’ll unveil the book and also provide all the details regarding the Animal Pit and the Dungeon kits.

Yes, it’s been a long time since there has been fresh Monster Scenes information available for you. Thank you for your patience and your support. We hope you’ll find that the wait has been worth it.

New photos! The Animal Pit, under construction

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We thought you’d like to see progress on the Animal Pit. We’ve put a recent evaluation test shot into the hands of master builder Tory Mucaro. His initial reaction captures the essence of what we’re working to achieve here:

My first impression is wow, I’m actually holding styrene parts from an Aurora mold that was completed in 1972 but never went into production!

Monster Scenes Animal Pit

Here are a few photos of his results so far (you can click on each for a larger view). Even though this is a somewhat complex kit – quite a feat of imaginative engineering, really – Tory reports the build has gone surprisingly well considering these molds were never 100% finalized before Aurora pulled the plug on the series.

Monster Scenes Animal Pit Monster Scenes Animal Pit

Tory’s bona fide linneage to Aurora gives him unique insight on this particular project, bringing up a potential for us to ponder – there’s historical value in releasing these kits in a limited fashion as they are now, allowing delivery and preservation of a true time capsule or “holy grail” (as some call it) before doing any modifications to the original tooling. We agree with Tory that this is a rare occasion. And, as Andy Yanchus confirmed, these are one-of-a-kind molds since Aurora didn’t create any duplicate tooling for these kits as they did with many of their other models.

We’ll post more updates to Tory’s progress on the Animal Pit and, soon, the Dungeon. For now, we’re grateful to have him working with us on this project. We couldn’t have asked for a more apt individual for this effort.


Back when my dad worked at Aurora I dreamed of someday working there, too. Unfortunately, Aurora went out of business several years before I entered the job market, so I thought it was just not meant to be. Well, with these parts in hand, it’s as if Aurora is still in business and I am on staff in their R&D department! It is truly a dream come true.

A long silence…

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Hey there Monster Scenes enthusiasts. Sorry for the lapse in communication here. No, we weren’t detained in Dr. Deadly’s dungeon — 2012 was just one of those years that seemed to end too quickly. The good news is we’ve been hard at work on several new Monster Scenes projects in that time. The outlook for 2013 looks good and we’ll soon share what we’ve been up to.

For those of you’ve who’ve written to us to let us know you’re as eager for new Monster Scenes stuff, thank you! We’re working hard to reward you for your patience. And, yes, that means information about the Animal Pit and Dungeon kits is forthcoming. (woo hoo!)skeleton-build

In the meantime, we’ve added a few new products to the Gruesome Goodies Store at www.MonsterScenes.net. Most notable is that we’ve made the Saber Tooth Rabbit, Feral Cat, and Skeleton kits available for direct purchase. Though they’ve been available at many brick-and-mortar and online retailers, some of you contacted us to say you still couldn’t find them. Fret no more – you can buy them now at the MonsterScenes.net site.

Watch for more information about our other projects coming soon to the Monster Scenes Journal.

Dr. Deadly's Monster Scenes Feral Cat model kitrabbit-build

You better watch out: the new Monster Scenes kits have arrived!

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They’re here! The first wave of Dr. Deadly’s Dr. Deadly's Monster Scenes kits are here!Monster Scenes kits have arrived. Now you can get the Saber Tooth Rabbit, the Feral Cat, and the Skeleton. Each easy-to-assemble kit is molded in styrene plastic and each includes a color mini-comic and pin-up poster, both illustrated by Jim Craig.


Look for these kits at your favorite hobby retailer. And, don’t forget that you can easily order online from MegaHobby.com. Get yours today.

First look: Saber Tooth Rabbit, Feral Cat, and Skeleton build-ups

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Although we have a set of the new kits on display at the Chicago iHobby Expo, we figured we’d provide a look for those who aren’t able to attend the show.

Here are the official build-ups of these exciting new kits, rendered by the talented Tory Mucaro. Each kit is molded in styrene plastic, of course.

Enjoy this first look to see the frightfully fun features of each kit, conceived by Dencomm and Jim Craig Designs. Plus, each includes an exclusive mini-comic and a new pin-up poster.

Remember, you can pre-order now at MegaHobby.com. These are scheduled to be available for you mid-November 2011.

Dr. Deadly's Monster Scenes - Saber Tooth Rabbit from Dencomm Products

Dr. Deadly's Monster Scenes - Feral Cat from Dencomm ProductsDr. Deadly's Monster Scenes - Skeleton from Dencomm Products










They’re waiting for YOU! Pre-order the Rabbit, the Cat, and the Skeleton today

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Dr. Deadly's Monster Scenes Saber Tooth Rabbit - pre-order at MegaHobby.com today!Dr. Deadly's Monster Scenes Feral Cat - pre-order at MegaHobby.com today!

Dr. Deadly's Monster Scenes Skeleton - pre-order at MegaHobby.com today!As we’re readying for the arrival of the new Dr. Deadly’s Monster Scenes Saber Tooth Rabbit, Feral Cat, and Skeleton kits, we wanted to let you know you can pre-order your kits now.

Our friends at MegaHobby are ready to take your orders, ensuring you get earliest delivery of these kits. As we previously mentioned, arrival is scheduled for mid-November.

Pre-order today and enjoy the special discount that MegaHobby is offering, too!

Pre-order Dr. Deadly's Monster Scenes kits from MegaHobby.com today!

In case you missed the message…

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A few days ago we posted a note on our Facebook page  to let folks know we’reSave 50% on limited edition Monster Scenes collectibles in the Gruesome Goodies Store moving out our Classic Monster Scenes collectibles to make room for the new kits that are coming soon. We’re posting that same information here just in case you didn’t see the update.

Visit the Gruesome Goodies Store and save 50% on our remaining inventory of limited edition collectibles. The quality of these items is high, the prices are low, and supplies are limited.

Complete your collection today because these gruesome goodies might be gone tomorrow…

Because you demanded them: the Rabbit, the Cat, & the Skeleton are back – in plastic!

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Yes, we heard you loud and clear. The limited first release of the Monster Scenes Saber Tooth Rabbit, Feral Cat, and Skeleton kits from Dencomm went so quickly that many of you blinked – and missed them. If you did manage to get one of those kits, good for you. If you didn’t, fear not – get ready for the return of these sought-after kits, this time with new parts, new features and in PLASTIC.

Here’s a first look at the new packaging, bearing the recently-unveiled Dr. Deadly’s Monster Scenes series name:

Monster Scenes Saber Tooth Rabbit plastic assembly kit from Dencomm Monster Scenes Feral Cat plastic assembly kit from Dencomm Monster Scenes Skeleton plastic assembly kit from Dencomm

Naturally, there’s more than an exciting new package to these kits. As mentioned, these are newly tooled injection-molded styrene plastic kits (‘cuz they’re what you love, right?). Plus, each kit includes new elements, movable parts, and Mix ‘Em and Match ‘Em features previously not available. Plus, there are extra goodies in each box – and who doesn’t love extra goodies?

Watch for first photos of the new kits, to be posted to the Monster Scenes Journal blog in the coming days. Oh, and when will these new kits be available for you? They’re arriving this November and will be available from your favorite hobby retailers.

Get ready because this is just the beginning!

Creeping up on you soon: Dr. Deadly’s Monster Scenes®

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Take a first look at our new series treatment, setting the stage for the devious goings-on that are coming your way.

Dr. Deadly – he’s been betrayed, ravaged, and left for dead. Still alive, he continues his unusual researches from the depths of an undisclosed dungeon-like lair.  

Get ready – we’ll be unveiling our new product designs for this exciting new series soon. You’re about to enter the weird world of Dr. Deadly’s Monster Scenes…and they’re coming to get you!

Welcome October with the New Dr. Deadly™ Halloween Mask

Posted in General info on October 1, 2011 by Monster Scenes®

Here it is – the month to celebrate Halloween haunts! As you recall, in January of this year we unveiled the first-ever Monster Scenes Dr. Deadly Deluxe Halloween Mask. It comes to you from Trick or Treat Studios, the fresh new name in over-the-top, high-quality fear gear. There was no better studio to choose when it came to giving ol’ Doc Deadly his introduction to the Halloween faithful  – not to mention providing a first-time full-scale rendition of every modeler’s favorite medical miscreant!

Premier sculptor Justin Mabry used our own Jim Craig’s updated look at Deadly and rendered a startlingly life-like mask. From the oozing gash on his head to the wicked scar and the defunct orb, Dr. Deadly looks so real you’ll literally do a double-take. Mabry captures every detail, both within the sinister sculpt as well as in the startling paint scheme.


Another first-ever achievement to note is the exclusive full color mini-comic that cDr. Deadly exclusive mini-comic for Halloween maskomes with each mask. In it, you’ll discover the origin of Dr. Deadly, never before revealed until now. Naturally, we again turned our favorite artist, Jim Craig, loose on this one. It’s a graphic tale that’s not for the squeamish yet definitely not to be missed.

Now this mask with exclusive mini-comic is available to you, just in time for Halloween. Look for it a your favorite Halloween retailers including Halloweentown (Los Angeles, CA), Foy’s Halloween Stores (Fairborn, OH), Fantasy Costumes (Chicago, IL), Halloween Express Stores (nationwide), and Halloween Adventure (nationwide).


SPECIAL ONLINE DISCOUNT! Order direct from Trick or Treat Studios’ online store  today and save 10% when you use coupon code TOTSPC at checkout (you’ll see the field to enter the code on the Dr. Deadly product detail page, just above where you specify your order quantity).

Trick or Treat Studios - scary Halloween masks

According to Christopher Zephro, President of Trick or Treat Studios, “reactions to the new Dr. Deadly mask have been terrific. Folks tell me they can’t believe the detail and the quality of the mask, including the hand-applied real camel hair on every mask.”

At the time of this writing, Zephro warns that supplies of the Dr. Deadly mask are almost depleted for this season. Use the coupon and order today – otherwise, you might miss out. Now that would be truly horrifying, wouldn’t it?