The Monster Scenes ‘Journal’ is open…

Welcome to the Monster Scenes Journal, an unusual blog about the unusual world of Monster Scenes.

Follow this blog for news, updates, and announcements about the deranged Dr. Deadly, his unwitting Victim, and his dungeon of perilous playthings.

Access this blog at, the official online presence of Monster Scenes. Alternately, you can find it at  Regardless how you get to it, this is where you’ll find out everything you want to know about products, contests, and other devious delights.

As a companion element to the site, the Monster Scenes Journal will provide breaking news and developments to you quickly, so you won’t miss a beat.

There’s plenty in the works already. Read about it all in upcoming posts. In the meantime,  welcome – we’re glad you found the Monster Scenes Journal (and you’ll be glad, too).


3 Responses to “The Monster Scenes ‘Journal’ is open…”

  1. Wow! I have been a fan of Monster Scenes ever since I built them all back in the 70’s. I never knew there was such a devout following still around- but I’m glad I’m not alone. Thank God for Moebius reserrecting the Aurora line (I lose every time on eBay when I try to buy an original). Looking so forward to gruesome Goodies and the Pain Parlor coming out Fall, 2010. People often ask me what infuenced me to become a chem teacher -few would ever understand if I told them it was the old Universal Monster movies and the old Aurora monster kits, especially the Monster Scenes series. Now I have my own lab, chemicals and a skeleton in my classroom; no body table yet or giant rabbit in a glass jar. Thank you so much for taking the effort to create this website-long may it run!

    • Aurora1Craig... (Craig) Says:

      Hi Dan, 1st Comment, That is a Fantastic Story! You are right why put our hard earned $$ on original E-bay items when WE ALLL should be Purchasing from the Likes of Moebius, Monarch, Dencomm, Atlantis and so many others! We want our money going to the NEW Companies to support More XXXcititng kits! It is so Cool the see these new Companies offering great old kits and New sculpts, we are ALL Truly Blessed!!, Bye 4 now, Craig

  2. Aurora1Craig... (Craig) Says:

    XXXcellant Blog!! Thank you, My Prayers for Frank Frazetta & Famiiy I did not know of his Passing until I read this Blog. I bookmarked this site . Keep up the good work everyone. thanks again; Craig

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