Electrifying!! Wonderfest 2010 Limited ‘Transparent Green’ Monster Scenes Frankenstein

Here’s an early look at the limited Transparent Green Monster Scenes Frankenstein kit, available only at this year’s Wonderfest event.

The kit was created to commemorate the highly-anticipated release of the DVD. Produced by Cortlandt Hull and Dennis Vincent – the same team that brought us 2006’s “Witch’s Dungeon – 40 Years of Chills” – this all-new release traces the rich history of the Aurora monster kits and includes exclusive interviews with sculptor Ray Meyers, designer and developer Andy Yanchus, and renown artist James Bama. This is the must-have DVD of the year, without question.

Moebius Models stepped forward to produce the limited kits – thanks Moebius! – and is featured within the “Aurora Monsters” DVD, explaining the injection molding process.

Premiering at this year’s Wonderfest event, a limited number of early-release DVDs with the limited Transparent Green Frankenstein kit and a limited commemorative mini-poster will be available. Details coming soon regarding the extended release DVD.

It’s an Aurora-lover’s weekend at this year’s Wonderfest.


One Response to “Electrifying!! Wonderfest 2010 Limited ‘Transparent Green’ Monster Scenes Frankenstein”

  1. Mike Mys Says:

    I was there! Saw the movie, it was great, and bought a copy, along with the poster and limited Frankenstein, and a t-shirt. I can’t wait the get the Pain Parlor and Gruesome Goodies kits too.

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