“Gruesome Goodies” instruction art

Many of you have indicated your anticipation for this year’s release of the Monster Scenes “Gruesome Goodies” and “Pain Parlor” kits from Moebius Models. You’ve seen the prototypes at Wonderfest (and in a previous post to this journal). Now, here’s an early look at the illustrated instruction sheet art for Gruesome Goodies, rendered by Jim Craig and given the classic Monster Scenes treatment.

Stay tuned for more details and early peeks at this and the “Pain Parlor” kits. Both are currently scheduled for a Fall 2010 release.


3 Responses to ““Gruesome Goodies” instruction art”

  1. From the pics below at Wonderfest, the Pain Parlor skeleton looks to be much better detailed and designed than the relatively terrible skeleton supplied with the original Aurora kit. I am anxious to rebuild this model and Gruesome Goodies too since its been almost 35 years since I built them last. Cmon, Moebius, hurry up and get ’em out there for us!

  2. Actually, it’s the same skeleton you remember from many decades ago. The one displayed at Wonderfest (as seen in the blog post below) is a resin prototype struck from an Aurora original. Painted by Dave Metzner, we see how much detail was in the sculpt, just waiting to be drawn out by a good treatment.

    • arthur cabral Says:

      Th original skeleton was molded of glow in the dark plastic. I suppose later versions will follow suite. Aww man, – I feel like it’s 1974 again!

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