An unsung Hero?

In case you haven’t visited it yet, you must go to the “From the Vault with Andy Yanchus” section of There, original Aurora project manager and product designer/developer Andy Yanchus has unearthed some truly rare finds and facts about Monster Scenes.

And, this just in, Andy now reveals the “Hero” that was originally planned for the series launch some 40 years ago. Go to the “From the Vault” section now to learn more…

And, if you’d like to see more rare details, images, and artifacts revealed in the Monster Scenes “Vault,” drop us a line at to let us know.


6 Responses to “An unsung Hero?”

  1. Brad Stroden Says:

    I am dying right now! You need to put The Hero into production STAT!

  2. James Nichols Says:

    Second Brad’s motion! It’s time for the Hero to join the line-up! I always wondered why there wasn’t a male counterpart to the Victim…

  3. Mike Mys Says:

    Bring on the hero!! And, more MONSTERS!!!!!

  4. Michael M Says:

    If you put out a survey asking for the Hero, or to expand Monster Scenes beyond those of the original series, I think the follow-up would be huge!
    YES! Bring on the Hero! More Monster Scenes!

  5. arthur cabral Says:

    the “scream queen”, “invisible man”, “bride of kong”, “mister hyde”, and “bride of dracula” should be re-worked in styrene as well!

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