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“The Aurora Monsters” DVD – a sequel??

Posted in General info on July 27, 2010 by Monster Scenes®

If you haven’t yet ordered your DVD of “The Aurora Monsters – The Model Craze that Gripped the World,” what are you waiting for? As we’ve been tracking the excitement of the release here at, we once again caught up with DVD creator and co-director Cortlandt Hull to check response to this release and inquire about an unconfirmed bit of hearsay.

“Oh, response to the DVD has been wonderfully positive – I get more and more great feedback every week,” says Hull. “I think we really struck a nostalgic nerve with fans, old and new.”

Premiered at the Wonderfest 2010 event, a special Early Release edition was offered to eager fans along with a limited edition Monster Scenes Transparent Green Frankenstein kit and a signed limited edition commemorative poster. These Early Release collector’s sets were limited to only 100 units. As of this writing, Hull indicates that only a scant few are still up for grabs. “Better get one quick if you want one – there won’t be any more like this.” [Hint: send email to if you want a collector’s set for yourself.]

Aurora Monsters DVD   Monster Scenes Transparent Green Frankenstein  

At this June’s Monster Bash 2010 event, Hull unveiled the hotly anticipated final edition of “The Aurora Monsters” DVD, complete with additional graphics, new photos, and a re-mixed music score different from the Wonderfest edition. Hull explains: “We weren’t able to prepare all the additional material for the Early Release edition, including fun behind-the-scenes outtakes with Zacherly, but now fans can get even more monster model fun with this final edition.” (You can order your copy at now.)

So what’s this about a sequel DVD?

“What – already?!” Hull was duly surprised by the question, one that seemed to arise from the online ether as a tantalizing yet unsubstantiated rumor. “Well, there’s no denying that we’ve only scratched the surface with the current DVD and, yes, we could shoot new footage to unveil some exciting rare treats thanks to the generosity of the folks we’ve interviewed. Even so, we’d need to be certain this first DVD is successful in earning back what we’ve invested before considering any new project.”

So, is that a yes or a no, Cortlandt?

“All I can say is tell your friends and their friends about the current DVD. Spread the word here in the U.S. and abroad and, hopefully, their support of this release will be rewarded with new follow-on releases. But, again, let’s make sure this first DVD is a smashing success, OK?”

‘Nuff said. Again, if you haven’t gotten a copy of “The Aurora Monsters” yet, don’t wait — the future of your favorite monsters might actually depend on YOU!

Watch the official preview trailer for “The Aurora Monsters” DVD, now playing at YouTube. Just click the image below…

The Aurora Monsters - official DVD trailer

First look: Vampirella rides the Giant Insect

Posted in General info on July 16, 2010 by Monster Scenes®

With the anticipation of the Vampirella kit joining the Monster Scenes lineup later this year, here’s a tantalizing tidbit you’re sure to enjoy.

Monster Scenes Vampirella rides Giant InsectFew realize that the Giant Insect was introduced with the intention that Vampirella would be able to ride it. A new set of “riding legs” for Vampi was proposed but rejected for cost reasons. The bug was then developed to utilize the existing legs included in the Vampirella kit.

Look now at the Insect’s neck and you’ll notice it is sculpted in a sort of scalloped fashion, very much resembling a sort of saddle.

Monster Scenes Giant Insect and VampirellaMonster Scenes Vampirella rides Giant InsectMonster Scenes Vampirella rides Giant Insect

When you use Vampi’s “dynamic stance” legs (using leg parts 1A – 2A and 3B – 4B), you’ll find they allow her to sit atop the Insect’s neck quite comfortably.

Monster Scenes Vampirella rides Giant Insect

Of course, a new set of riding legs still has merit and, as such, Dencomm is taking steps to bring them to you (plus some other interesting goodies). Special thanks goes to Andy Yanchus for his creative consultation and direction here. 

Monster Scenes Vampirella and Giant Insect 

In the meanwhile, as you eagerly await the arrival of the Vampirella kit, don’t forget to get your hands on a Giant Insect kit, too. The girl’s got to be able to get around, doesn’t she? And, when it comes to transportation, it’s plain to see that Vampirella has been “going green” for a long, long time.

Monster Scenes as they were meant to be seen: Dr. Deadly

Posted in General info on July 9, 2010 by Monster Scenes®

Monster Scenes Dr. DeadlyPreviously, we shared master modeler and “mood maker” Mike Rutherford’s “Pendulum” build up. Commissioned to create the official promotional renderings of the Monster Scenes kits, Mike’s task is to bring the kits’ box art to life, onto the kit itself.

Now, take a look at Dr. Deadly. Mike bestows the medical miscreant with the tainted tones that reveal the doctor’s slightly sickly pallor and clearly sinister disposition.

More of Mike’s work will be coming soon…

Guess who’s visiting the dungeon. Careful, she may bite!

Posted in General info on July 7, 2010 by Monster Scenes®

It’s the news of the century – literally – as the one and only Vampirella rejoins the Monster Scenes lineup to make her mark in this new millennium.

Monster Scenes Vampirella model kit from Moebius and Dynamite EntertainmentFans and enthusiasts have long wondered – and worried – whether they’d ever see this classic kit again. Thanks to the diligence of Moebius Models and the insightful vision from the team at Dynamite Entertainment (that’s Vampirella’s new publisher), “Vampi” is back to take her rightful place within the Monster Scenes realm.

Work is well underway to deliver an impeccably detailed Vampirella kit, faithful to the original issue from some forty years ago (and she hasn’t aged a bit, ‘natch). The folks here at are proud to have provided the original kit master for the Moebius team to develop this exciting kit, officially approved by Dynamite Entertainment.

Of course, we’ve gone the extra mile to help develop authentic kit packaging and instructions, too — just as you’ve come to expect. Watch for more details about her arrival, flying in alongside the similarly anticipated “Pain Parlor” and “Gruesome Goodies” kits. 

Now, take a deep breath and believe it: Vampirella will be coming soon.