Guess who’s visiting the dungeon. Careful, she may bite!

It’s the news of the century – literally – as the one and only Vampirella rejoins the Monster Scenes lineup to make her mark in this new millennium.

Monster Scenes Vampirella model kit from Moebius and Dynamite EntertainmentFans and enthusiasts have long wondered – and worried – whether they’d ever see this classic kit again. Thanks to the diligence of Moebius Models and the insightful vision from the team at Dynamite Entertainment (that’s Vampirella’s new publisher), “Vampi” is back to take her rightful place within the Monster Scenes realm.

Work is well underway to deliver an impeccably detailed Vampirella kit, faithful to the original issue from some forty years ago (and she hasn’t aged a bit, ‘natch). The folks here at are proud to have provided the original kit master for the Moebius team to develop this exciting kit, officially approved by Dynamite Entertainment.

Of course, we’ve gone the extra mile to help develop authentic kit packaging and instructions, too — just as you’ve come to expect. Watch for more details about her arrival, flying in alongside the similarly anticipated “Pain Parlor” and “Gruesome Goodies” kits. 

Now, take a deep breath and believe it: Vampirella will be coming soon.


10 Responses to “Guess who’s visiting the dungeon. Careful, she may bite!”

  1. gaz evans Says:

    This is amazing news,
    Vampy’s back where she belongs, in the dungeon with ol doc deadly.

    Fantastic stuff, thanks Moebius

  2. Brad Stroden Says:

    Awesome! Just in time for Halloween?

  3. James Nichols Says:

    The original MS line-up is back at last…yesssss…

  4. Count me in. I’ll be getting Vampy and a few others soon!

  5. clayton hatchard Says:

    My dreams have finally come true!I have an unopened Vampi that I have wanted to open for five years!Glad I was patient!Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Michael Baborowski Says:

    It’s a dream come true. Vampi’s back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Vampirella! I tought you were lost and gone forever!
    But returned to a new generation of monster scene collectors all over the globe!

  8. allan williams Says:

    does anyone know what stores might be stocking the vampirella model?would like to get this before halloween but that wont happen if i have to order it in the mail.thanks

  9. arthur cabral Says:

    pressing a figure into air-dry clay will result in a half-mold. Use epoxy putty, or fimo, or super-sculpey to cast a duplicate that can be bent into a squatting or sitting position or even in pillory stocks!
    Its madly time consuming and difficult. -Good thing she is being re-released! Just buy one!

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