First look: Vampirella rides the Giant Insect

With the anticipation of the Vampirella kit joining the Monster Scenes lineup later this year, here’s a tantalizing tidbit you’re sure to enjoy.

Monster Scenes Vampirella rides Giant InsectFew realize that the Giant Insect was introduced with the intention that Vampirella would be able to ride it. A new set of “riding legs” for Vampi was proposed but rejected for cost reasons. The bug was then developed to utilize the existing legs included in the Vampirella kit.

Look now at the Insect’s neck and you’ll notice it is sculpted in a sort of scalloped fashion, very much resembling a sort of saddle.

Monster Scenes Giant Insect and VampirellaMonster Scenes Vampirella rides Giant InsectMonster Scenes Vampirella rides Giant Insect

When you use Vampi’s “dynamic stance” legs (using leg parts 1A – 2A and 3B – 4B), you’ll find they allow her to sit atop the Insect’s neck quite comfortably.

Monster Scenes Vampirella rides Giant Insect

Of course, a new set of riding legs still has merit and, as such, Dencomm is taking steps to bring them to you (plus some other interesting goodies). Special thanks goes to Andy Yanchus for his creative consultation and direction here. 

Monster Scenes Vampirella and Giant Insect 

In the meanwhile, as you eagerly await the arrival of the Vampirella kit, don’t forget to get your hands on a Giant Insect kit, too. The girl’s got to be able to get around, doesn’t she? And, when it comes to transportation, it’s plain to see that Vampirella has been “going green” for a long, long time.


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