Back from the dead? Hey-we’ve never left you!

Nope – we’ve never been gone, just incredibly busy working on some truly exciting new stuff for Monster Scenes enthusiasts like you.

While we apologize for the interruption to our entries in this Monster Scenes Journal blog, we’re absolutely certain you’ll cheer wildly once we unveil all we’ve been doing deep in our dungeon. Stay tuned – the details will be published in this Journal soon!

In the meantime, since it’s the month for monstrous celebrations, we have a Halloween sale for folks seeking some truly unique decor, Monster Scenes style. Visit the Gruesome Goodies Store at and you’ll find our limited, numbered Prototype Edition styrene plastic kits of The Pendulum and The Hanging Cage on sale for 25% off the regular price. There are only 100 of each kit available, each hand-numbered for maximum collectibility. Plus, each features unique prototype design elements including special Black Steel Cable cording not found in the commercial kits as well as pre-production artwork and vintage design reproductions.


Want more? OK – how about our exclusive 1/13 scale Authentic Customizing Accessories, also available at 25% off regular prices when you purchase the set of five. Get Rope, Chain, Cobwebs, the Dungeon Spider Nest, and the devious Body Bag. Each accessory includes fully illustrated instruction sheets featuring exclusive artwork by acclaimed artist Jim Craig. Look for your option to buy all five customizing accessories on the order form page.

Oh, and Happy Halloween everyone!


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