Interesting story from that “other” Journal…

We’re often asked why we invest ourselves into dreadful delights like Monster Scenes. That’s easy – we love it and you love it. We’re thankful for the support we receive in regards to our ever-increasing number of site visitors, our Facebook friends, and readers of the Monster Scenes Journal. Your comments regarding your enthusiasm for Monster Scenes, your purchases from the Gruesome Goodies Store, and your positive feedback is what keeps us driving ahead to bring more, more, more to you!

And, in these days when the economy is difficult to predict, it’s reassuring to see that escapism into the horror hobbies is on the rise. Case in point, we couldn’t help but take notice of this story reported in today’s Wall Street Journal. The story headline beckoned:

Farm House to Haunted House: Making Hay with Horror

Farmer Glenn Boyette, 58, has found a way to harvest a new crop – fear! No, he’s no politician trying to conjure up pre-election boogeymen. Instead, Mr. Boyette has converted a portion of his 150-acre farm located in Clayton, SC, having built three haunted houses and four other Halloween-themed attractions. Great idea!

Mr. Boyette’s not alone in his fear-farming endeavor. The WSJ article goes on to reveal that there are more than 500 farms across the United States that have co-opted the creatures of the night to deliver more frightful fun beyond pumpkin patches, hayrides, and petting zoos.

Anyway, enjoy the Halloween season and, if you happen along one of the nation’s frightening farms, snap some photos and send them along to us. Just email us at


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