Tonight – Monster Scenes celebrates 40 years!

When the clock strikes midnight, when the calendar turns to 2011, Monster Scenes 40th AnniversaryMonster Scenes begins its 40th Anniversary Celebration!

Hard to believe that four decades have clicked by, but they have. But don’t fret – this is a deranged yet delightful milestone. If you’ve been with Monster Scenes since 1971, congratulate yourself for your decades of devotion. If you’re new to Monster Scenes, you’ve arrived at the perfect time. Young, old, or in between, you’re in for a treat throughout 2011.

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebrations, then stay with us as, every month of the new year, we’ll unveil a bit of the old, a lot of the new, and a dungeon-full of frightfully good fun.

Thanks for your support and get ready for a 40th Anniversary Celebration like no other. Yeah, this is a BIG deal.


9 Responses to “Tonight – Monster Scenes celebrates 40 years!”

  1. Sounds like an exciting year, a head!
    Get it? A Head?

  2. James Nichols Says:

    I was there at the beginning in 1971 and 40 years later I’m STILL here with Monster Scenes! Happy 40th, Dennis and Monster Scenes! I’ll be here for the next 40 years too!

  3. Yes, some good news to me is that the Mobius Pain Parlor and Gruesome Goodies are ready to once again be on my shelves after about 37 years of being missed. But what happened to the Dr. Deadly mask that was supposed to come out for Halloween? Is it still in the works? Postponed? Cancelled?

    • No – the mask is definitely not cancelled. In fact, we approved the final sculpt in November. We determined to delay the release in order to achieve some truly interesting results with this mask. There will be a new reveal that explains more about Dr. Deadly. Trust us, it WILL be worth the wait. Shouldn’t be much longer now…

  4. Happy 40th! & another 40+ years! Thank you for the Plastic Memories, Aurora1Craig

  5. James Nichols Says:

    Well, we’ve seen a reworking of the Saber Tooth Rabbit and the all-new Feral Cat (although they were technically 2010)…could this be the year we finally see the Hero and the Electric Chair added to the line? The mind boggles at the possibilities…

  6. The Hero and the electirc chair sound awesome but what I want to get my mits on is The Dungeon and The Animal pit!Think about it-You already have the boxes made!Seriously though,you guys are nothing short of amazing!My 7 year old son and I have purchased everything you guys have put out from the giant insect to the body bag and now the cat/rabbit/skeleton and of course Vampirella!Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks for the support and patronage. That’s what helps us do even more exciting projects such as those that have been requested. Stay tuned…this could be quite an exciting year!

  8. did vicky the victim survive. what other form of deathtraps did she face?

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