40 years in the making: The Animal Pit™ and The Dungeon™ are coming!

 Believe it – the most sought-after kits of the Monster Scenes® series are coming your way! Get ready for “The Animal Pit™” and “The Dungeon™”, in plastic and only from Dencomm Products Intl.

Monster Scenes - The Animal Pit - all plastic custom builder kit

We’re pleased to let you know that these kits, often referred to as the “lost kits” of the Monster Scenes series, are being produced exclusively by Dencomm using the original Aurora molds!  Having successfully located and acquired these molds, the Dencomm team is working to complete this ambitious project that was started over 40 years ago.

Monster Scenes - The Dungeon - all plastic custom builder kit

For now, enjoy these exclusive “evaluation shot” photos. Then, be sure to visit this Monster Scenes Journal blog on a regular basis for more photos, information, and updates as we ready these kits for release.

After 40 years, “The Animal Pit” and “The Dungeon” are coming your way – because haven’t you waited long enough?


11 Responses to “40 years in the making: The Animal Pit™ and The Dungeon™ are coming!”

  1. clayton Says:

    This is fantastic news!Thanks for all the hard work you guys/gals put it on Monster scenes sets!Can’t wait to get my bloody claws on these!

  2. James Nichols Says:

    YESSSS!!! FINALLY!!! Now the Hero!

  3. gaz evans Says:

    BIG THANKS Dencomm this is fantastic news,
    never thought i would ever see these two in plastic.

    Keep-em coming.

  4. Yasutoshi Says:

    Great news!
    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Greatest news ever thanks for all the hard work can’t to see what future will bring. i think you guys and gals could fix a rainy day .

  6. Michael Says:

    REALLY looking forward to these. I may have to build a castle to house all of my Monster Scenes goodies!

  7. GREAT NEWS ! I am hopeful they will be molded in the original intended color(s). Thanks again !

  8. Ken Kwil Says:

    You just made my day. I’ll be getting these for sure.

  9. Awesome news. The monster pit and the dungeon look totally cool. Will the hero be available soon? That would look great getting the beat down from Frankenstein.

  10. long ago the pillory stock has been in my collection. it is made of balsa wood. these new kits will fit in the dusty collection very well. Thank you for your efforts and dedication to the hobby plastic!

  11. Wes Haggard Says:

    What is the word on these kits? Also will there be a second phase for the Feral cat?

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