Welcome October with the New Dr. Deadly™ Halloween Mask

Here it is – the month to celebrate Halloween haunts! As you recall, in January of this year we unveiled the first-ever Monster Scenes Dr. Deadly Deluxe Halloween Mask. It comes to you from Trick or Treat Studios, the fresh new name in over-the-top, high-quality fear gear. There was no better studio to choose when it came to giving ol’ Doc Deadly his introduction to the Halloween faithful  – not to mention providing a first-time full-scale rendition of every modeler’s favorite medical miscreant!

Premier sculptor Justin Mabry used our own Jim Craig’s updated look at Deadly and rendered a startlingly life-like mask. From the oozing gash on his head to the wicked scar and the defunct orb, Dr. Deadly looks so real you’ll literally do a double-take. Mabry captures every detail, both within the sinister sculpt as well as in the startling paint scheme.


Another first-ever achievement to note is the exclusive full color mini-comic that cDr. Deadly exclusive mini-comic for Halloween maskomes with each mask. In it, you’ll discover the origin of Dr. Deadly, never before revealed until now. Naturally, we again turned our favorite artist, Jim Craig, loose on this one. It’s a graphic tale that’s not for the squeamish yet definitely not to be missed.

Now this mask with exclusive mini-comic is available to you, just in time for Halloween. Look for it a your favorite Halloween retailers including Halloweentown (Los Angeles, CA), Foy’s Halloween Stores (Fairborn, OH), Fantasy Costumes (Chicago, IL), Halloween Express Stores (nationwide), and Halloween Adventure (nationwide).


SPECIAL ONLINE DISCOUNT! Order direct from Trick or Treat Studios’ online store  today and save 10% when you use coupon code TOTSPC at checkout (you’ll see the field to enter the code on the Dr. Deadly product detail page, just above where you specify your order quantity).

Trick or Treat Studios - scary Halloween masks

According to Christopher Zephro, President of Trick or Treat Studios, “reactions to the new Dr. Deadly mask have been terrific. Folks tell me they can’t believe the detail and the quality of the mask, including the hand-applied real camel hair on every mask.”

At the time of this writing, Zephro warns that supplies of the Dr. Deadly mask are almost depleted for this season. Use the coupon and order today – otherwise, you might miss out. Now that would be truly horrifying, wouldn’t it?

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