Creeping up on you soon: Dr. Deadly’s Monster Scenes®

Take a first look at our new series treatment, setting the stage for the devious goings-on that are coming your way.

Dr. Deadly – he’s been betrayed, ravaged, and left for dead. Still alive, he continues his unusual researches from the depths of an undisclosed dungeon-like lair.  

Get ready – we’ll be unveiling our new product designs for this exciting new series soon. You’re about to enter the weird world of Dr. Deadly’s Monster Scenes…and they’re coming to get you!

4 Responses to “Creeping up on you soon: Dr. Deadly’s Monster Scenes®”

  1. Brad Stroden Says:

    Will the new series be before or after the timeline of the 71 kits?

  2. James Nichols Says:

    Finally, some new blood being infused into our beloved Monster Scenes! Can’t wait to see ’em, Dennis!

  3. Could they be…
    …Dare I say….
    …The long awaited…anticipated…


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