First look: Saber Tooth Rabbit, Feral Cat, and Skeleton build-ups

Although we have a set of the new kits on display at the Chicago iHobby Expo, we figured we’d provide a look for those who aren’t able to attend the show.

Here are the official build-ups of these exciting new kits, rendered by the talented Tory Mucaro. Each kit is molded in styrene plastic, of course.

Enjoy this first look to see the frightfully fun features of each kit, conceived by Dencomm and Jim Craig Designs. Plus, each includes an exclusive mini-comic and a new pin-up poster.

Remember, you can pre-order now at These are scheduled to be available for you mid-November 2011.

Dr. Deadly's Monster Scenes - Saber Tooth Rabbit from Dencomm Products

Dr. Deadly's Monster Scenes - Feral Cat from Dencomm ProductsDr. Deadly's Monster Scenes - Skeleton from Dencomm Products










2 Responses to “First look: Saber Tooth Rabbit, Feral Cat, and Skeleton build-ups”

  1. James Nichols Says:

    Hooboy! Veeeeeery nice! Looking forward to these, Dennis!

  2. yasutoshi Says:

    I want to see the image of the parts state!

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