A long silence…

Hey there Monster Scenes enthusiasts. Sorry for the lapse in communication here. No, we weren’t detained in Dr. Deadly’s dungeon — 2012 was just one of those years that seemed to end too quickly. The good news is we’ve been hard at work on several new Monster Scenes projects in that time. The outlook for 2013 looks good and we’ll soon share what we’ve been up to.

For those of you’ve who’ve written to us to let us know you’re as eager for new Monster Scenes stuff, thank you! We’re working hard to reward you for your patience. And, yes, that means information about the Animal Pit and Dungeon kits is forthcoming. (woo hoo!)skeleton-build

In the meantime, we’ve added a few new products to the Gruesome Goodies Store at www.MonsterScenes.net. Most notable is that we’ve made the Saber Tooth Rabbit, Feral Cat, and Skeleton kits available for direct purchase. Though they’ve been available at many brick-and-mortar and online retailers, some of you contacted us to say you still couldn’t find them. Fret no more – you can buy them now at the MonsterScenes.net site.

Watch for more information about our other projects coming soon to the Monster Scenes Journal.

Dr. Deadly's Monster Scenes Feral Cat model kitrabbit-build

One Response to “A long silence…”

  1. James Nichols Says:

    Hey, Dennis, glad to hear from you finally! Hope 2013 heralds a new figure addition to Monster Scenes!

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