New photos! The Animal Pit, under construction

We thought you’d like to see progress on the Animal Pit. We’ve put a recent evaluation test shot into the hands of master builder Tory Mucaro. His initial reaction captures the essence of what we’re working to achieve here:

My first impression is wow, I’m actually holding styrene parts from an Aurora mold that was completed in 1972 but never went into production!

Monster Scenes Animal Pit

Here are a few photos of his results so far (you can click on each for a larger view). Even though this is a somewhat complex kit – quite a feat of imaginative engineering, really – Tory reports the build has gone surprisingly well considering these molds were never 100% finalized before Aurora pulled the plug on the series.

Monster Scenes Animal Pit Monster Scenes Animal Pit

Tory’s bona fide linneage to Aurora gives him unique insight on this particular project, bringing up a potential for us to ponder – there’s historical value in releasing these kits in a limited fashion as they are now, allowing delivery and preservation of a true time capsule or “holy grail” (as some call it) before doing any modifications to the original tooling. We agree with Tory that this is a rare occasion. And, as Andy Yanchus confirmed, these are one-of-a-kind molds since Aurora didn’t create any duplicate tooling for these kits as they did with many of their other models.

We’ll post more updates to Tory’s progress on the Animal Pit and, soon, the Dungeon. For now, we’re grateful to have him working with us on this project. We couldn’t have asked for a more apt individual for this effort.


Back when my dad worked at Aurora I dreamed of someday working there, too. Unfortunately, Aurora went out of business several years before I entered the job market, so I thought it was just not meant to be. Well, with these parts in hand, it’s as if Aurora is still in business and I am on staff in their R&D department! It is truly a dream come true.

9 Responses to “New photos! The Animal Pit, under construction”

  1. James Nichols Says:

    Looking very good there! Nice to see it in the hands of an Aurora offspring too! Can’t wait to see the Dungeon!

  2. 🙂

  3. I love to see this! Please don’t hesitate to post more updates.

  4. Andres (Spain) Says:

    I know you guys are proceeding with caution (as it should be), but I truly can’t wait to get my hands on these!!!!!!!

  5. Ken Kwilinski Says:

    Never thought I’d see these made. Waiting patiently. Hope to see more on these some.

  6. Anton Phibes Says:

    For the love of Pete—hurry up already,lol. These have been languishing for decades. You must release their evil on an unsuspecting populace, hahahahahahahahaha!!!

  7. Will I live long enough to purchase this awesome kit?

  8. David Schafer Says:

    When is it going to finally come out?

  9. What ever happened to this model?

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